The Best Zombie Games You Can Play Today

RPK - The RPK resembles the HK21 concerning power, but doesn't carry as much ammo. With numerous varying zombie games out there, you are definitely able To find something which will have you laughing or excited to play over and over! Though less emotionally impacting as the original, it was still a great addition to my growing collection of social websites.
Dead of Winter are my #1 and Zombie 15 definitely deserves to be high on the list but you already covered that the games weren't out yet while compiling this listing. Struggle to keep friendships, find water and food, navigate tricky social situations, and oh, yeah, struggle against the zombie apocalypse.
There's also a number of zombie types, including slow-movers like you'd see in some thing out of George Romero, screamers that make your life miserable, acid spitters, and much more. Actually, I'd say that it's among the greatest games like Rust right now as both of these games have the exact same primary goal - To survive in a world taken over by zombies.
These are our favourite zombie board games, in no specific order, with minor reviews and our opionion on whether they're better for a more laid-back hangout scenario, or an intense battle of wills and wits. Quite good, ought to be higher on the list because it's open world, and it is the only real zombie game that I know of that occurs from the west, biggest map I know of also.
It injected zombies to the western (which makes it a zombie western...subgenre...count it). If you're looking for a zombie game that actually captures the dire tragedy of a zombie apocalypse then Undead Labs, State of Decay is for yo, also available today on PC and Xbox.
Dead Rising was the first game I purchased for XBox 360 after a very long hiatus from zombie games and culture. Utilize Pea Shooters, Wall Nuts, poisonous mushrooms, and other cute and deadly plants to keep zombies off your doorstep in this cute 360 zombie game. last day on earth cheat

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